Developer Tools Pricing and Availability

Our API & SDK developer tool licenses for production use are only available for customers on paid subscriptions, including both new and classic subscription plans. While customers on the free subscription plan are welcome to explore our developer tools in sandbox mode, production access to our developer tools needs a paid subscription.

Sandbox vs Production Access

Sandbox Access

By default, all eligible accounts can access our developer tools in "sandbox." Admins can generate sandbox SDK keys and API tokens in the account settings, under "developer tools."

While in sandbox mode, our developer tools are free to use and explore. Sandbox access has the following restrictions:

  • SDK keys can only be used in localhost - not on any other domains
  • API tokens can only be used against demo models - not customer-created models


Production Access

To be granted production access and lift the restrictions of the sandbox mode, customers need to contact us. Admins can find the link in their Account Settings -> Developer Tools -> Apply to Purchase.


Depending on your use case, this may require payment of license fees.


For access to our developer tools in production mode, pricing depends on your use case.

Private Use

Using the developer tools solely on models in your own account generated and owned by your organization, or affiliated entities, is considered "private use". For private use, you unlock production access for the first year by purchasing a yearly license, based on your subscription type. See our pricing page for details on pricing.

Note that these license prices are valid for the first year. Matterport reserves the right to evolve its pricing and adopt a usage-based pricing later on.

Commercial Use

If you are looking to use our developer tools in a commercial capacity to provide value-added assets or services to Matterport customers, then contact our Business Development team at to discuss conditions. Typically, we will agree on a revenue-share agreement that includes free access to our tools and assets for a percentage of the revenue generated. The amount may vary depending on a few criteria, particularly if you are going to be featured on our marketplace and benefit from the traffic is generated for your offering.

Still have questions about your use case? Please contact us at

Partner Integrations

Matterport has negotiated specific agreements with some of our integration partners. License prices depend on the partner and agreement.


API Asset Availability and Pricing

Extra charges apply to access specific model assets for your private use. Assets available through the platform are available at the same price via the API.

Some assets are only available via the API at the specified price:

  • Advanced Imagery Pack - $100

The Advanced Imagery Pack grants access to the 4K panoramic imagery for a space and is only available for Business and Business Plus subscriptions.


Depending on your level of access to our developer tools, you can enjoy more or less live support when needed.


There is no live or email support for those with sandbox access. This is only self-serve with the documentation / help / shared code we provide on the site. (exceptions may apply)


Once a license is purchased, up to 2 hours of support can be provided to get started, then occasional support when issues / bugs arise. This is restricted to support tied to our Model API and Showcase SDK. No basic coding support. There is an assumption that developers have a good understanding of general API, GraphQL, web technologies and tools, 3D programming (for the SDK), authentication schemes, etc.

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