Configuring Advanced Options for Schematic Floor Plans

When placing your Schematic Floor Plan order, there are a few Advanced Options for you to choose from. This article explains what each option is and why you might want it.


NOTE: These options can only be selected during the initial order of a Schematic Floor Plan. They cannot be used to modify an order that has already been placed or delivered. 

Hide Room Dimensions

By default, Schematic Floor Plans are delivered with the dimensions for each room, directly underneath the room name.  If you would like these notations to be omitted from the plans, check this box. Using this option does not omit the Gross Internal Area information at the bottom of the page.


Hide Gross Internal Area information

By default, Schematic Floor Plans are marked with the Gross Internal Area information at the bottom of each page. If you would like for this to be omitted from each page, check this box. This applies to all pages in the delivered Floor Plans. There is not a method to show it on one page but not others.

NOTE: Choosing this box will disable the checkbox for ‘Use 6 inch wall thickness.'


Use Showcase Orientation

By default, the floor plans are oriented to make the entrance of the property facing downward on the page. If you would like for the orientation to match what you currently see in the Showcase. (i.e. the orientation seen when you click on the Floor Plan view button), then choose this option. There is no method to choose another orientation for the floor plans.


Use Custom Showcase Labels

By default, our team uses a list of pre-chosen common names for the rooms in your model. If you would like to use the custom labels you have created for your space, please check this box. Please ensure that you have created your own labels before selecting this option.

For an article that shows you how to add labels, refer to this article: Add Labels to your Space


Use 6 inch Wall Thickness
(this option not available in all areas)

By default, all Schematic Floor Plans are delivered with the Gross Internal Area as the square area measurement type. Gross Internal Area is defined as the floor area contained within the building, measured to the internal face of the external walls.   But some locales call for a measurement that includes the area beyond the internal walls. For these regions, the option for adding 6 inches to the total square footage can be accomplished by checking the box.


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