Introducing Measurement Mode: Now Everyone Can Measure!

Measurements in Matterport Spaces have previously been available only in Workshop. Today we’re opening up measuring for end users, adding a much improved version of measurements to Showcase, in the new Measurement Mode.image2.gif

Your customers no longer need to have a Matterport account to measure a Space. With the new Measurement Mode users can open any model in Showcase, and measure any aspect of that Space, on any device!

Show off your Workshop measurementsimage3.gif

Measurement Mode is also available in Workshop. Measurements you make in Workshop can now be published to Showcase, so they appear in Measurement Mode for your end users.


In addition to exposing measurements in more places, Measurement Mode comes with a slew of great improvements:

  • Mobile & tablet support.
  • Intelligent snapping to corners and edges, and to existing measurements.
  • Intelligent axis snapping to vertical and horizontal axes.
  • A better "scope" for improved measurement accuracy.
  • Huge performance improvements, capable of supporting thousands of measurements.
  • Easy creation of continuous measurements, and measurements with multiple connected lines.
  • Automatic selection of measurement units: feet and inches or meters. Users can also override this selection in the settings.

Measurement Mode is on by default for all Spaces, accounts, and subscription tiers. Measurements you have already created in Workshop will stay hidden, but new Spaces will show Workshop measurements in Showcase by default. You can change both of these settings in your account settings, or on a per-Space basis in the Workshop settings. 

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