Add Labels to your Space

Performance may be limited if you have 100 or more labels in your space.

What are Labels?

Labels are short descriptions you can associate with a room in a Space.

You can use a label to:

  • Highlight the important regions so your audience doesn’t miss anything
  • Show guests where amenities are located
  • Provide square footage of a room at a glance
  • Mark where future rooms will be built in construction projects
  • Make more accurate Schematic Floor Plans

Labels are always visible in Workshop. You can use Workshop to toggle whether they are visible in 3D Showcase too.


Create a Label

Open Workshop. Click Label in the Workshop Toolbar.

You will automatically switch to Floorplan View.

Hover over a room to see the outline of it. The outlines are just a guide to help you divide the Space.

Click on the Floorplan where you want the label to appear. This will open the Asset Editor on the right.

Several suggestions will appear. If one of these labels is appropriate then click it and click Done.

You can also type your own label for the room in the text box. Click Done when finished.

Labels are limited to 24 characters.

Click the label and drag it to move it to a different place in the floorplan.


Labels in 3D Showcase

Your labels are always visible in Workshop.

Toggle the Label button in the 3D Showcase Controls menu to make your labels visible in 3D Showcase too.

Labels in 3D Showcase are only visible in the Floorplan View.


Delete a Label

First click on the label in the Labels menu on the left.

Then click on Delete in the bottom right of the Asset Editor.



Click Publish in the top-right corner of Workshop to apply your changes.


See in 3D Showcase

Launch 3D Showcase and switch to Floorplan View to see your room labels.

Labels are not supported in the iOS 3D Showcase app if the Space is downloaded.
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