5) Hide Extra Scans

Why hide a scan?

We encourage you to scan more than necessary. More scans gather more 3D data so you have a complete Dollhouse and Floorplan View.

However, you will want to hide some scans for a better user experience. You’ll want to hide a scan if:

  • A person appears in the scan
  • Too many scan positions make navigation difficult
  • A scan shows confidential or private information
  • A scan is ugly or unappealing
  • A scan is at a different height from the other scans

Hiding a scan keeps the 3D data for the Dollhouse & Floorplan but you cannot visit that position in Inside View.

You cannot hide a scan or a 360º View that is part of the Highlight Reel. Remove the Snapshot from the Highlight Reel and then hide the scan.


Review your Scans

Showcase 3.0:

Switch to Edit Mode: 


Click on the 3D scans icon from the side tool bar: 


Hover over the scan you want to hide and click on the eye with a slash icon:


If the scan is already hidden, hover again to show: 


You can also hide/show from the Dollhouse and Floor Plan views:


Click Publish:



Showcase 2.0:

Open Workshop. Switch to Floorplan View in the top-right corner for a better view of your entire Space.

For Spaces with multiple floors, review a single floor at a time.

You’ll see your Matterport Space plus all your scan positions.

Use your mouse wheel or the up/down arrow keys to zoom in.

A white transparent circle is an active scan position. A visitor to your Space can go there in Inside View and look around in all directions.

A white transparent X is a disabled scan position. 3D depth data from there is used in the Dollhouse and Floorplan View, but visitors cannot go there in Inside View.


Choose a Scan to Hide

Now choose a scan you want to hide based on the criteria mentioned at the beginning of this article.

For this particular Space, let’s focus on the closet at the bottom of the floor plan.

You’ll notice there are two white circles. Only one circle is necessary to see what's inside the closet.

If you switch to Inside View, you’ll notice the left scan is at a lower height than the right one (see the hangars). So we’ll want to hide the left scan.

Left Scan

Right Scan


Hide a Scan

Switch back to Floorplan View to easily see your scans. Remember you can use your mouse wheel or the up/down arrow keys to zoom.

Hover your mouse over the scan you want to hide. You’ll see the scan number appear.

Now hover over the eye icon. You’ll notice the scan number turn purple.

Click the Hide icon.

The scan position now appears as an X.

The scan is now hidden and is inaccessible in 3D Showcase.

Publish your changes.


Unhide a Scan

Hover over the scan position and click Show.

You’ll see the scan position is now back to a circle.

Press and hold the control key while you click on a scan position to easily toggle between show and hide.

Publish your changes.


Alternate Method

Another option is to go to the 3D Scans and 360º Views menu on the left and then click on the scan number.

Click the small blue Hide/Show text to disable the scan position. The eye with the line through means that this scan is hidden.


You can hide 360º Views in the same way.


Remember, you cannot hide a 360º View that is currently part of the Highlight Reel. Remove from the Highlight Reel and then you can hide the 360º View.


Review your Changes

Open the Space in 3D Showcase again to make sure navigation works as expected.

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