4) Set the Start Position


A good Start Position gives visitors a great introduction to the Space. You can update your Start Position at any time.

The Start Position is the same as the Hero Image (the image that appears before a Space loads).

Your Start Position can be:

  • Any scan position in Inside View
  • Dollhouse View
  • Floorplan View
  • 360º View
You must be an Admin within Matterport Cloud or have Editor privileges for the Space to change the Start Position.


Launch Workshop

Open my.matterport.com. Find the Matterport Space you want to edit and open the Space Detail Page there. 

Workshop can only be opened on laptops and personal computers. Workshop is not available on an iPad or iPhone.

Learn more about the system requirements for Workshop.


Set or Update Start Position

First navigate to the view and angle you want.

You can set your Matterport Space to start from any scan position and any angle in Inside View, Dollhouse View, Floorplan View, or 360º View.

If you set a 360° View as your Start Position, create a Highlight Reel and add a 3D Scan, Dollhouse View, or Floorplan View to it. Also remember to turn the Dollhouse Button on. This is so users can explore the entire Space and not just one 360º View.

Pan your view (click and hold then move mouse) to get the desired view. Click to move around to your desired Start Position.

In the Controls Menu on the left, click on the Start Location option. 

Click Update Start Location button.

Click Publish at the upper right corner of Workshop to apply your changes.


Set a Snapshot as the Start Position

You can also set a Snapshot as your Start position. First take a Snapshot in Workshop.

Next, find the Snapshot from the Assets Menu. Click the Snapshot to open it in the Asset Editor on the right. 

Click Set Start Location.

Click Done at the bottom of the Snapshot menu and then Publish at the upper right corner of Workshop to save your changes.


Set Start Position from Matterport Cloud

You can also set the Start Position from Matterport Cloud.

First take a Snapshot in Workshop.

Next open the Space Detail Page in Matterport Cloud. Select Photos under the Media tab. 

The photo with the window pane icon in the lower left corner is the current Start Position.


Click on the photo you want to be set as the Start Position. Click on Set as Start Location. 

Reload the page to see your new Hero Image on the Start and Loading Screens in 3D Showcase.



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