How to use Manual Blur Brush

Before you begin

Please note that this feature, applying manual blurs to panos, is currently in Open Beta. This means that while the feature is widely available, there's still a higher risk of bugs or things not working quite right. 

We would love to hear about any issues or general feedback. Please send a message to the Support team.

You'll need to have an admin enable the Blur Brush for the account at Settings > Manage from 


*This image depicts the tool as disabled.

And you will need Edit access to the model in order to apply manual blurs. 

Please note that this tool is not available on the Free account type.


Why use Blur Brush?

When you upload a space from Capture, you have the option of having the processing engine automatically detect faces and have them blurred. The manual blur brush allows you to blur any faces the processing engine missed or any other sensitive information. 

Items you may want to blur:

  • Family photos
  • House Numbers
  • License Plates
  • Security cameras
  • Documents
  • Names

Blur anything you may want to hide from visitors to the virtual Showcase.


This tool works similarly to our other tools such as taking a measurement.

Tool Location

1. Login to your account and click on the space you wish to edit, then click on the Edit button in the top right corner. 


2. After Edit loads, you'll find the blur brush at the bottom of the right hand tool bar. The icon looks like a droplet.


How to use the blur brush tool

  1. Navigate to the area that has the item you want to blur.
  2. Click the blur brush icon.
  3. You'll now see a + icon at the bottom middle. Click on this to get the brush tool.create_blur.png
  4. Now you'll see the brush circle and a slider to adjust the size of it.brush_and_slider.png
  5. Now you can use your mouse to click and hold. Move the mouse around the area to blur the item. The longer you move your mouse around the more blurred the item gets. Let go of the mouse button to stop blurring.
  6. Save by clicking the green check mark or delete by clicking the trash can. You can delete later before applying too!
  7. Now your item will be blurred from that scan position. At this time, if you can see the item from multiple scan positions, you will have to blur from each scan.  blurred.png

Applying the blurs

  1. Now you will see a list of your blurs over in the list.
    1. Clicking the eye will "hide" the blur, which will reveal the item again to review how it looks not blurred. This option will go away after the blurs are applied.
    2. Clicking the 3 vertical dots will give you an option to delete.
  2. Once you're ready, click "Apply Blurs" in the upper right. Screen_Shot_2021-03-04_at_16.24.36.png
  3. STOP! Make sure you are happy with the blurs. This next step cannot be undone!
  4. Confirm to apply. This can take a few minutes, which will be represented by "processing..." next to each blur. When done, it will say "applied".
  5. Now you can exit Edit and share the space! For info on how to share, see How To Publicly Share a Space.

Further Information

  • If after applying the blurs, you don't like them, the only way to "undo" at the moment is to re-upload from Capture and start over. We are looking for ways to have an undo option without having to re-upload.



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