Sync camera's rotation when two matterport viewers

We bought the matterport camera, we would like to use matterport viewers to do the sync.
I had posted the issue before, but I couldn't see the ticket reply, so I posted again.
Here is the problem description:
1. What is the scope of your application? What are you syncing with, another instance of a Matterport space?
Some of our user use matterport to create their own virtual tour. Sync camera rotation and position at the same tour can make their business easier.
2. Are you saying the SDK call to mpSdk.Camera.rotate() is not rotating the camera by the expected amount or that the camera continues to move after the rotate call is finished?
There are two tab. When tab on the right do any action (In video, it drag iframe to change camera rotation.), it will send a message to tell tab on the left to do same action.
Although we can get current camera rotation, there is no function can set it directly. So we send the difference of rotation between new one and old one and pass it to mpSdk.Camera.rotate(). But the movement of camera isn’t correct.
So I printed log on success callback of the promise returned by mpSdk.Camera.rotate(). I found camera rotation still not correct. The result we expected is it will be correct when I receive the success callback.
3. Can you please send the code so we understand the context of how the call is being performed?
Please download file from below link. 
HowToDebug: is our Vue project. Please install npm@6.4.1node@10.11.0.
When you installed, open terminal and key in ’npm run serve’. And then open HowToDebug.mp4.
It will show you the debug step. Please wait until both tab on the same view (Just like the video showed).



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