Moving 360 Views from one model to another?

I recently scanned a mansion and each floor required nearly the max supported number of scan positions, so I split this shoot into two days and did the second floor the next day as a separate model. 

Now, I have linked the two models with Mattertags (unless there's a better way to do it) that each have links to the other floor at the staircase, but my problem is that I made a boo-boo and captured some 360 Views for the first floor on the second floor's model.

Is there any way to move these from one model to another since they are not necessarily important to the alignment and 3D data? Or will I need to go back and re-shoot these 360 views on the first floor's model and re-upload the first floor?



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  • @ryanchristianphotography

    Ryan contact Matterport support (specify that you are conatcting Dee) and they can stitch spaces together and will help you with the 360 query. You are always better off posting on the MOUG Facebook page as the community there is very helpful. As you have found out this Forum is dead!

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