Matterport -
We need to find a solution to keeping scan raw data available even after re-installing the app - because its not deleted. Apps are prone to bugs and could fail in between scans forcing one to re-install.
We deal with challenges like theft, destruction and software damage. If one re-installs the App they need to find event data they DID NOT DELETE. What if a client wants an adjustment on the trims etc. What if its an issue of theft, the reason we pay for cloud fees is so that our content is secure and available from anywhere, anytime.
This you must fix otherwise it beats the point of me paying cloud fees every month.
Otherwise, so far so good. All my clients love your product but some are disappointed that they have to re-scan and pay double. 


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  • Backup your iPad. With 3rd party software you are able to extract the raw scan data and also to reupload selected projects to the iPad.

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