3DShowcase with Black 3Dview during the exploration on GALAXY TAB E


I'm trying today my new Tab that is a GALAXY TAB E , and I'm very surprised to discover that I could not browse with CHROME my assets in the My.matterport.com Portal neither in a normal URL Link provided on my URL bar.

The behavior is during loading , I have the Picture as start location and when we arrive in the normal 3D navigation, I see a black screen with only the Grey Rounds from the place where the scan has been taken, that can move but without images only black area , it makes it on all Scans . I have tried with My GALAXY 7 and no issues. This is very strange.

Do you know if the TAB E is OUT OF SUPPORT ?

Do you know if we need to configure some special features ?

Does some of you have experimented already this problem ? 





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