Couple questions from the new guy.

Hi All,

Just received my camera last week, and already kickin ass with it.  Just landed a huge job, and have scanned another 3 already.  Lovin it!

1.  I need to do a demonstration scan of a 130,000 sq foot structure.  So I will scan about 50,000 sq ft to show them what I can do.  My question is, if i split an open area with the trim tool, what exactly will that to visually in the 3d space?

2.  Only certain cloud sources will stream to mattertags.  Like, video will not stream from google drive, facebook, but will with Youtube.  Where is a list of all sites that matterport will stream from.  Video, audio, pdf's pictures etc?

Thank you in advance.

My first scan is...

the obscure links in the tags are for demonstrating to local clients I am going after.  I thouhgt it was cool. to add tags to the TV's and include video clips :-)


One feature I thought would be cool is transparent tags.  the client could drive site activity by giving a "prize" by finding the tag.  Sort of like a video game.  






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