Why Scan number in Worskhop is different from Capture ?

This makes me crazy.

Every time I go back to a location to scan again a room,
I delete previous scans, scan again and upload for processing, and I have to do everything again because Matterport is not supporting a copy-paste or export-import of previously already-did configurations / editing.

But what is worst is that everytime Scan numbers will change, instead of staying always the same (like in Capture iPad app).

So I have to hide again all previously hidden scans that I did to improve 3D model quality but I don't want people to see, and I have to do this on hand !!! (because Scan numbers change)

Also, why the damn circle is soft-grey? seriously, it's just sadism or there is a real reason for this?



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  • Look: I'm a programmer and a web developer myself.

    It would be tremendously easy to do this: just create an "export hidden scans" button that copy to clipboard a list of IDs like "5, 7, 22, 26" and a "import hidden scans" button that do the opposite.

    I'm even thinking to hack your code and do this myself.

    This is so frustrating!
    Feels like searching for fracking easter eggs in the dark.

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