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How do we become a registered Matterport User in our town?  (Is that called a "partner" or a "collaborator" or a...?)   In other words, a Matterport user to whom work might be referred. 





  • There is no 'exclusive territory' if that's the question.

    Just apply to join the MSP program. Don't expect it to use it to build your business on the supplied leads as they send the same contact details to other MSP's in a close radius.

  • "Exclusive territory" never entered my head.  Becoming a "Service Partner" was the phrase I was looking for. 

    No expectations here; just grateful for the opportunities.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, David.

  • @Bob Anderson

    No worries, it was the phrase 'in my town' that led me to think you were thinking exclusivity.

    In the more than two years I've been an MSP I've never received any work from the 'leads'. Many are just 'fishing' for information on pricing  or looking to achieve the cheapest price by playing the MSPs off each other.

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