Newbie Has Several Questions

Hi Folks,

We’re brand new to the Matterport family and we have equipment coming tomorrow!   We've reviewed a handful of intro videos but we have several questions.

  1. If you do a scan and notice something wrong like a dog running into the house during a scan, are you able to delete that scan on the spot using your iPad and re-scan?  If so, do we need to catch the problem right then?   Or could we come back another day and scan the same spot where the dog ran in and somehow Matterport’s processing would place in the right location?
  2. If you do a complete scan inside a house but want to come back the next day, like early in the morning before sunrise, and scan exteriors – is it easy to append the previous day’s scannings of the interior with the new scans outside?
  3. I know we need to mark windows and mirrors manually. Do we make those notations after each scan, after the room’s scanning is completed, or after the entire 3D space is done?   Or “all of the above”?

Thanks for your help!!!




  • 1 Yes you can delete the scan.

    Much better to catch the issue right there as things might have changed which could potentially case alignment issues. If the position isn't important to the tour you can always hide that scan in Workshop later.

    2. As above, yes that's possible but try to make it as easy as possible for you attach the scan through an open door or similar.

    3 Always better to mark as you go as it makes alignment easier and you're less likley to introduce errors.

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  • For better alignment mark any very shiny surfaces (TV’s or glass fronted cabinets, even things like tables stacked on their side) as mirrors.


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