matter capture app turning off while aligning

Matterport capture app kept turning off while aligning after 486 scans on a project. Could not be able to finish my work. It was taking around 10 attempts for having a single shot aligned. I have the newest iPad (6th generation) and I've only used 30Gb of its memory. I have also updated my camera to try to minimize this issue, but nothing happend. Problem still there. Is there a maximum number of allowed scans per project? I'm sorry but this is inadmisible. A ambient that was supposed to be scaned in 10 minutes, took me 2 hours because of that.



  • The maximum 'supported' number of scans per model is 200 so you're exceeding that by a considerable margin.
    Its true many of us have exceeded that to the same level and more than your scan and I find it strange that your current generation iPad (You don't mention if its a Pro) is struggling with the model, so i'd venture that the issue may lie with the iPad.

    There are several tricks to avoid such issues the first is when the alignment issues start to occur is to start a new model and then once processed contact support to ask them to join the models together.
    Another is to assign the section where the issues is starting to occur to a new floor in the same model and then once aligned edit them and return them back to the original floor.

    Explained brilliantly in this video over on Facebook. 

  • David is correct.  The maximum of 200 is clearly stated in their purchasing documentation and is noted in the first FAQ. 

    Having said that, many models are created exceeding the 200 threshold, but at some point the amount of data gathered is going to overwhelm the app.  How close did you scan to previous scans?  Based on the space if you can scan further, rather than closer then you can cover more area and capture less data.  Did all the previous scans align properly, or were there any that aligned, but might not have been in the correct orientation/direction?  If you have a incorrect alignment it will carry through the model and impact alignments.

    I do understand the frustration but it isn't fair to blame the technology when we exceed the published limits.

  • Thanks a lot, David. The "floor trick"option did not work for me, so I had to start a new model. It is already processed and now I need to join them together. Which are the next steps to do so, please?

    Thanks once again.


  • You need to tag Dee Johnson in a Facebook post asking for assistance she’s the ‘Super Woman’ of support.

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