How can we white label the spaces?

Service Providers take all the risks, and provide all the labor for MP Spaces. We have had a few clients (even in just sending them samples), went and purchased directly from MP cutting out the company (us) from the lead we developed. What does MP plan to do about this? 



  • This is the single biggest complaint...
    Come on Matterport, you're the market leader, you don't need to ride on the backs of MSP's. Have a bit of faith in yourselves, develop better and better cameras and we'll all stay with you
    Forcing your brand onto our clients is a big no no. It's like Canon insisting you put their logo on every snap you take!

  • Exactly, they are using the MSP's as their marketing  and sales force. Develop better cameras and improve the software - in turn everyone wins. 

  • Unfortunately they have not done anything since 2 years, so I don´t expect they will do anything the next years. Unfortunately. The only solution will be an alternative hardware/software solution or an improved SDK offering a iFrameless customizable player.

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