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Potential UK purchaser here.

I would be interested to know people's thoughts on the difference in capabilities/quality etc. between the Pro2 3D, Pro2 Lite 3D & the Pro 3D.....is the price difference justified ?

Which camera would you recommend for a new start up business ?

I would also be interested to know if there is a new camera likely to be introduced to the market.





  • It always pays to buy the most recent device in any hardware in my opinion, so that’s the Pro2.

    With regards to the Lite that’s a pay per scan device and as a result it is more expensive if you’re planning on doing more than a handful of scans per month as there are no ‘complementary’ scans each month when you have an monthly account.

    Do a compare using the rate tables.


  • Thanks David

    I think it will be the Pro2 that I purchase.

    Are you in the UK ?

    Whats your experience of the camera & the business it generates ?


  • Yes, I’m in the North West.

    i’ve been In the VR/3D graphics, simulation industry for over 25 years (used to operate Virtuality systems in the ‘90s) so slightly different background to those coming from pro photography or Estate Agency (although I was a surveyor in a past life)

    it isnt 100% my business do probably not pushed as hard as some but I find there’s a lot of ‘interest’ but an unwillingness to pay what I consider reasonable rates in the house sales arena,

    I’ve focussed on higher end B2B with some success, indeed I have some very high end customers and have travelled to both Egypt and Tanzania for work, but again have come across some behaviour I consider unprofessional with regards to time-wasting and a belief that as a small player you can be taken advantage of.

    You need to be able to hit the phones and be good at cold calling, I’ll admit I’m not but there are a few who have built a good business, but unless you have already established customers in that space I think you may struggle with Estate agencies.

  • With regards to the system I’m impressed with the fact it’s simple to operate but very powerful in what it does ‘behind the scenes’ something I think some people miss.

    Its a pretty stable system but they do on occasion make some errors in updates but they usually fix them quickly. It’s not perfect but in my opinion it’s the best at the moment, I would suspect there will be a new camera in the next 6 to 12 months, they need to keep moving.  But they will release it without dropping any hints as there were some unhappy folk who bought a Pro the week before the Pro2 was announced and were not told.

    i suggest you join the Facebook Matterport user groups, that’s both official (MOUG) & unofficial, there is also a UK user group.

  • Thanks David

    I really appreciate your honest advice.


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