Max size/number of scans?

I read somewhere that the maximum number of scans is 200 per project, but I'm reading other posts saying that 600+ scans is not an issue - it just takes a while to upload.

I'm asking because I've only done 2,000 sq ft or less and I have a client asking for scans of buildings 30,000 and 50,000 sq ft in size. While pricing a scan like this is also a question (anyone have a standard rate or formula for buildings of this size?), I'm wondering if there's a limit that I should worry about?

Thanks for your help! Any other tips would be great for a newbie like me! 



  • My largest so far is 225, and it's having *serious* issues correlating any further scans with the current project. Less homogeny would help (sometimes I scatter an object like a suitcase here and there to introduce more scene features) but there's only so much that can be done.

  • I've done just short of 600 in a single space without any issues on a 2016 non Pro iPad

  • Update: I scanned a 30,000+ sq ft office space, needed 550 scans to do so over 2 days. Only issues were with the walls not lining up properly as I completed the perimeter of the enormous main room (had to go back and rescan a couple times and scan a LOT to add more information). No issues with the actual upload portion of everything.

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