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I'm wishing to purchase matterport as soon as really and have been looking into all the uses for which it could benefit our business, aside from all the visual elements & floor plans. I've been looking into the idea of exporting a .xyz point cloud into auto desk recap before converting into a .rcp file to insert into revit, since we are primarily a drone business who use drone deploy and can do something similar using that, merging two point clouds would allow us to offer something unique in terms of visuals potentially, 

I'm wondering if anyone on here has had any first hand experience editing some exported point clouds in revit on the forum, I may be able to pull out x and y dimensions quite easily if I use matterport correctly from what I have seen with more struggle sometimes on the accuracy of the z dimensions which is fine, on site I could quickly take these measurements. 

How easy is it though to begin working directly over the point cloud and cut out any unnecessary points, if the clean up process takes to long is it worth using it with surveying benefits in mind? or purely for the visual elements of not having to be on site, showing to potential clients or investors, setting a visual work flow, and potentially if accurate enough drawing out dimensions & potentially combining them with the 2d floor plans matterport can create with a few spot checks here and there to check whether the dimensions are accurate or not in larger open spaced rooms. 

Then a concern arises if it is not to hard to clean up and we ended up essentially surveying that would open us up to an area where we would need huge insurance, and could get a bit to confusing, sorry the question has been so spread but in short again aside from the visual elements providing benefits of which there are many but only really useful for large projects in my mind, what other benefits are there from exporting a point cloud into revit which we can we could take advantage of and how lengthy are these to complete,

Any advice or experiences anyone could share would be greatly appreciated,

Kind Regards,

Kier Coldwell




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