Dollhouse view on mobile images are a mess

I recently uploaded and finished, handed over a project to a client and last night when I went to view it on a mobile device I seen the below attached mess of a dollhouse!! Not sure what it is or what to do!! Any ideas on what it is?

The only thing I can do now is to turn off the dollhouse view but thats a great feature to have and excites viewers. Nor do I want to spend anymore time fixing this issue!! Is there a quick fix?



  • Difficult to tell from that view but are there a lot of mirrors or highly reflective/black surfaces in that room?

    Try marking the walls as windows.

  • Thanks David, If you view the whole virtual tour, you will see its every room in that above doll house view that is having the issue. 

    Not too many windows or mirrors to be honest and all marked correctly. Dee from Matterport got in touch with me and it was a  corruption on their end so they reprocessed the space and its sorted now! Thank god! 

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