Feature request: Manual editing of a scan's colorimetry


Something that's really missing from Matterport in my company's experience is the ability to change a scan's colorimetry manually (contrast, highlights, shadows, color rendition...).

We have missed several contracts because the 3D scan doesn't give true-to-life colors, usually because of the artifical lightning being completely different on the scan than in real life.


It would be great to implement this feature. If anyone from this community or from Matterport's team knows if there is any work going on on such a feature please do tell!




Mac Arthur



  • I would like this too. I scanned an art gallery the other day and the colors were washed out, and some areas were overexposed . I used a third party thing called MP.Embed. I'd much rather have control through Matterport though. Sometimes I liked how the exposure is normalized, but when people have dramatic lighting, I want to show what they want to show.

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  • Thanks @DaleGreer for sharing the MPEmbed site. Some of its features are impressive.

    I couldn't observe the Google Analytics interfacing but I'm very curious to see the results: I had asked Matterport from the first week I had my camera to give photographers better, more in-depth statistics as to how people were visiting a model...

    Matterport never upgraded their low-tech statistics, although it's obvious to anyone who works on the web that very granular measurements of depth of visit, time on scans, point of exit would give extremely valuable info to the realtors and the MP Partners. 

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