space very slow charging in Andorra


my problem and nightmare is that i recently did a job for CALDEA a10.000 sqare meter in ANDORRA a small country betwun Spain and France.

I did it in different parts.they all work perfectly even one woth 250 or 300 points,but my client cant no see them.they charge very slow and the big ones a very big job and my client is a little ungry in spain I can see them perfectly they cgarge very fast even in my iphone.

i check with them their internet connection and is as fast as mine


i dont know what to do and what can cause this

can you help me with it


thank you


i sen you some examples


a small one


the biggest one (but work perfectly in my computer and my iphone(


alvaro ortiz



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  • Hello Alvaro,

    Thank you for the information. It sounds like the person viewing your space may not be using a computer that meets our system requirements for Showcase. Often times it is the graphics card that isn't strong enough to open the models, not the internet connection. You can find the minimum specifications here:



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