Problem with unauthorized hotlinking to a model

Hello Community,

I am an MSP. I did a tour for a real-estate broker, featuring a property built by a custom home builder.

The broker uses that tour on his website, no issue.

But I just discovered the home builder was hotlinking to the modle directly, without any permission and no payment to the photographer (me).

I sent them a friendly message to ask them to remove the link and to link to the page of the broker's website. But is there a technical way to prevent the hotlinking (and violation of the copyright)? 

Thank you for your replies.



  • Phil


    The link is public, but there are some tricks:

    -Put your tour en WP page and use password.

    -Put Your brand skin, with WP for example.

    -If you like all in one solution ready to use, use WP3D.



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  • You could also re-upload the model which would change the URL.

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