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Hey Fellow Scanners,

I have a client who is wanting to know if our scans can be integrated in to BIM / CostX so he can then do calculations and then release the funds to builders providing they have done the work as previously agreed too. 

I am not sure if OBJ files would be of any use or if point cloud would help, but if anyone else has had this request or may have some helpful directions for me i would sincerely appreciate this. 



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  • Hi,

    yep, they can be integrated. The high-level workflow may look like this:

    1. Scanning
    2. Getting OBJ file
    3. OBJ to point cloud conversion (TXT file)
    4. Point cloud import to any 3D modeling software. CostX can use a lot of file types as input data. Let's say you take IFC.
    5. 3 modeling. The ready-made model is saved to IFC format
    6. IFC model is imported to CostX
    7. Manipulations in CostX
    8. Profit ;)

    For more info just drop me a line to Here at BIM Machine we do a lot of Scan to BIM projects. 

    Please mind 2 things:
    a) OBJ scan accuracy
    b) a lot of quantity survey data might be extracted after step 5 even without importing to CostX


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