Google Street View Integration - my 3D model not showing when I load it in Google Maps

I think I need to clarify my questions I have regarding this, as I am new to this: 

1) I uploaded my 3D model and activated Google Street View option in the MP cloud. It processed and is showing active in my MP cloud. 


2) However, when I load it in Google Maps, I do not see any 3D photos or the option to access my 3D tour. Apparently it will only load the "snapshots" I took for my 3D reel tour. Can you please advise what I should expect when I activate my Google Street View option? 


3) I also read you need to be invited first by Google Street View as an accredited user/photographer. I don't understand then...will my first model show as a Google Street View or not since I am not yet an accredited Google Street View publisher? 


I need your help on this please. Kindly provide me with some of your expert advice.


Your trusted customer,


Anneke Cilliers



  • Hi there. Not sure if you had your answer to this yet but I learnt all your answers the hard way. Matterport Google street view upload beta will place any scan points in your tour that are visable. Any points hidden will not be uploaded. Once uploaded to Google you will see pretty much instantly that the peg man can be dropped onto the scan points directly in google maps. To be clear... Matterport does not create a tour you can walk straight into from Google street maps. To do that you need to use a third party provider and upload the 360 panos to them and build a constellation for Google street view to recognise.

    Matterport Google integration only means the panos will be added to the street view which I felt was mis leading at first, however on the plus side they empower you to become a Google trusted photographer pretty much instantly. I set this up over night literally. To be able to be a GSV pro you simply need to use one account to upload 50 pano images. This will prompt a invite from Google on your mobile Google street view app. Follow the links from there to register.

    I hope mylessons help you if your still trying to find answers.

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  • @Carloz2002 What 3rd party provider would you suggest to upload the panos to? I am about to scan a local business who wants full exposure on maps, search, etc.

    How will my Matterport tour link my Google Street View app to prompt a Trusted Photographer invite?

    Thanks for any advice.

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  • It´s a while ago that I published this tour, but after a while you should have a full tour and not only single panoramas on GSV: 

    I republished also a new tour which currently are only single panoramas, but should get linked after a while like the example above: 

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  • Regarding the "Trusted Photographer invite" just publish and wait. I have not uploaded 50 panoramas via the mobile GSV app and got the "Trusted" invite after a while to my gmail-account given in my Local Guide Profile.

    Uploading via the mobile app - you can use google drive - maybe speeds up the process of verification.

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