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Hello, I am new to the Matterport and want to understand the basics such as uploading scans etc.
If I scan a standard 4 bedroom home, how many scan spaces does it take up?
When I upload these scans to Matterport cloud does it also automatically create a virtual tour?
How do I create a doll house  ?
How can i give access to my client ?
Can I restrict the time frome for access to say two months ?


If anyone has some start up basis for me I would really appriciate it, thanks.



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  • A series of scans build up into a single space so for example a house that took say 150 scans just occupies 1 space in your account.
    Yes, once a capture session and uploaded it is processed automatically to create a model.
    The Dollhouse is created automatically
    You either send them the link provided in your account or to give them greater access you make them a collaborator.
    Yes, the model is either private or public. When its public it can be seen and shared, however if you make it private it cannot be accessed.

    To be honest these are VERY basic questions and I suggest you read the Matterport website and FAQ's which are very comprehensive. 

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