Clarity on viewing spaces in Oculus GO?


I've read the other thread about Oculus GO support, but it wasn't as clear to me how to get it to work.  I don't understand what you mean about connecting to WebVR.  I have an Oculus GO and a GearVR.  Matterport spaces work fine in the GearVR app, but the Matterport VR app I downloaded for the Oculus GO does not "connect" to the space when I browse to it in the Oculus browser.  I get two choices to launch the space in VR, neither of them work and neither of them are the native Matterport VR app I downloaded directly in the Oculus GO.

So... What's up with this app?  I want to keep this conversation going.  I have a VR demonstration of Matterport next week, and I'd like to use the GO rather than the GearVR for it.





  • Hello heynewt,

    There is currently an issues with the Oculus Go browser and the Matterport VR app. 

    We are investigating this issue and have reached out to Oculus for more information but unfortunately for the time being loading custom Spaces on to the Oculus Go is not working as it should. 

    We will update as soon as we know more.


    Keith S. 

  • Any news about this issue ??..

  • Was this resolved? Thinking of buying the oculus go but now have concerns...?

  • Same here, want to buy the Oculius go, but waiting for fix.   My other alternative is to buy the google phone “day dream”? But don’t want to wast the $$ on another phone.  If I do commit to by another phone just for VR, what would you suggest?


    I had a GearVR with a Samsung phone.  Compared to the ease of use with the Oculus GO, I would just buy the GO and wait for Matterport.

    Speaking of... Hey Matterport, I know from personal experience that Oculus bends over backwards to help developers get their apps ready for the GO.  What's the issue?  

    Seems to me the lack of progress on this issue is most likely because Matterport has simply made the decision not to actually devote resources to it.

    I think the more we remind them of this need, the sooner they will fix the app.  Fingers crossed.

  • One of my clients has been able to open the VR tour in the Oculus Go browser, however, He has detected that VR tours over WebVR only contain the points that were set in the default path. I have activated several more points and I can navigate through them using the Android app but when I try WebVR, I can just see the blue spheres that were included by the default path. Do anyone know how to fix it?


    Thank you!!

  • @Soundu You can add/remove viewing points in Workshop by clicking the 'Edit VR' option. There you can switch points on and off in the same way as you can with scans in the normal space.

  • Any news on this?

    It´s October 2018 and still no solution to share our spaces to Oculus Go?

    Or have I missed something?

  • Hi There. I can now confirm we have the consent and rights to make the 5x Nuclear Virtual Tours into a live section of the Matterport Main Gallery that works on the Oculus GO.
    This will enable the museum and nuclear sites to work with the GO.

    Please can you let me know the way to get this live and working?

    These are the live tour links we need to have available for the Oculus Go in the Matterport VR Showcase Reel.

    Please note: This is not so that it works on the WEBVR. its been agreed that you can place this into the Matterport Showcase VR reel along side the topics like "unique" or "dream homes" etc...

    We need it to be in there specifically in order for the museum to have full access to this for the VR exhibition that they have created.

    The Nuclear Company Magnox that owns and runs the Chapel Cross Nuclear site in the UK has given all permissions to do this.

    Please can you let me know once this is live so we can download on the Oculus via the Matterport VR App. 

    Kind Regards


  • Its November 1st and still no solution to share our spaces to Oculus Go?

    Any news on this issue? I just bought the Oculus and have a presentation I was planning in about a week... 

    Whats the deal? Did I just waste my money? If this is not getting resolved then please don't recommend The Oculus... Frustrating.... 



    Meant to post this a few weeks ago.  I contacted Matterport support directly about this issue.  Looks like there won't be support for Oculus GO anytime soon. :(

    Matterport-Christine (Matterport Support)

    Oct 18, 2:48 PM PDT


    Thanks for contacting Matterport Support. We have reached out to work with Oculus on a more proper solution. Unfortunately due to limited resources on both ends, we have been unable to officially support Matterport Showcases on the Oculus Go. Support for the Oculus Go remains on our roadmap, but resources have currently been allocated to higher priority items. 

    Matterport Support
  • Hi everyone:

    @heynewt, @Yves, @Carloz2002, @Bill Phillips, @Soundu, @David Hothersall, @Florian Wagner, @Aimee Chan

    If you send me an email to I can help you to visualize your own spaces in Oculus Go and also see all the points enabled in the VR path, not only the ones that are by default!

    I hope I can help!

    Bye from Costa Rica,


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