A Better iPad Means Even Faster Scanning


We here at Matterport recently rolled out an amazing new firmware update that lets you scan much faster than before. That means that we’re giving time back to you, the camera operator — without any loss of quality in the imagery or 3D data.

But did you know that you can scan even faster if you have a good iPad?


1) What model iPad do I have?

First, find out what model and generation of iPad you have now — it’s not always obvious to tell the difference.

On your iPad, open Settings > General > About > Model. Tap the number and you’ll see a number in the format AXXXX.

Next, find that model number on the list of iPads. Tip: Use Control+F or Command+F to search inside the web page.


2) Compare with our list of recommended iPads

If you have a recommended iPad, then great! Stop reading this article and go out and scan!

If you have a supported iPad, you can continue to scan. However, we strongly recommend upgrading so you have a faster processor, more storage space, and overall better time scanning. Read on to see more reasons why.

If you have an unsupported iPad, you can continue to scan, but you are doing so at your own risk. These old iPads are listed as obsolete, even by Apple! Consider an iPad (6th generation model) as a cheap and easy upgrade.


3) Upgrade your iPad

It’s up to you exactly how much you can or want to spend, and where to purchase the iPad. We recommend the iPad 6th generation as a new and relatively cheap option (only $429 for the 128 GB configuration!).

If you have a modern iPad, you can even shave up to 14 seconds by updating to a iPad Pro 2nd generation.

If you’re interested in learning more about how or why we make these recommendations, then read on! We also recommend you read our October 2017 post, “Benefits of Using a Newer iPad.”


Our quality assurance team here at Matterport has done extensive testing with the new fast capture firmware and the most common types of iPads.

First, consider the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera. The following chart shows how long it takes from when you tap the “Capture” button on the iPad to when it dings and says “Processing Complete.”

Clearly, better iPad models do make scanning faster. If you upgrade from an iPad Air (early 2014) to an iPad Pro 2nd generation (mid 2017) that’s an amazing reduction of 28 seconds per scan or 47% speed improvement!

For a property with 75 scans, that is 35 minutes saved per property. If you do a large property with 150 scans, that is 1 hour and 10 minutes saved.


  • Times in the chart include camera rotation, data transfer to iPad, and successful alignment on iPad. During data transfer and alignment you can move the tripod and start the next scan to be even more efficient.
  • Numbers for the Pro2 Lite are the same as for the Pro2.



It all comes down to how valuable is your time? Is an extra 14 seconds or 33% faster speed worth it? That’s up to you.

A few seconds on one Matterport scan may not seem like a lot, but it adds up over time. With the extra time you can look for new clients, provide more value-added services to existing clients, or just enjoy the time off.

If you’re still a little unclear, again here’s what to do:

  1. Find the model number. Open Settings > General > About > Model. Tap the value to see a model number in format AXXX.
  2. See what model and generation it is
  3. Compare with our list of recommended iPad models

Feel free to also reach out to our Customer Success team if you have additional questions.

Good luck, and happy scanning!



  • This is fantastic information. Thank you! Just bought two iPads (6th generation) because of this. TIME IS MONEY!

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  • Any experience how fast is the scanning speed with the new Apple iPad Pro 11" or 12" (3rd generation)?

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