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Requested info about how to scan a house that had a double staircase - I was told to scan however I wanted - just remember the stairs belong to the floor below.  I scanned a large house yesterday that has two stair cases, went up the front stair case and down the back.  I changed the floor to the next level down when I started going down the stairs so they would be associated with the correct floor.  I have not uploaded it yet as I am concerned about the back stairwell.  On the scan screen you can see where there is an offset of the stairwell from the first scan as the camera was able to see up to the 1st landing.  It is off to the right of the actual scan of the stairwell when I was coming down.  Will this be automatically taken care of when the project is stitched?  This is my first big job and the first for this contractor so I Need for it to be great.  It was already difficult to do as the family had not left yet and I had to cancel/repeat scans do to people walking and dogs wondering into the shots.  

Also, I ran out of battery since we kept getting interrupted and I have to go back to finish and want to make sure I can start scanning again from the last spot and continue since I have not uploaded it yet.   Will try to attach pic of stairwell so you can see what I mean.  The duplication starts to the left of scan # 57 and the right of scan 479




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  • Firstly I think you should be able to carry on where you left off as long as furniture and doors are still in the same place and the lighting is the same.

    i also think the scan will correct itself when uploaded. You can upload to check before you go back and then re upload once you have returned to add the extra scans. You won’t be charged and it will save you you worry and time.

    i assume it was the iPad that ran out if battery so I’d suggest you use an external power pack to supplement it, rhe bigger the better in my experience as they can actually charge the iPad while in use.

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