Thermographic Images and Point Clouds

Hi all,

I'm curious about the potential of using matterport scans to create thermographic images and point clouds.

I'm not an expert in photography or physics, but theoretically it should be possible to view the data captured by the infrared cameras in... well... infrared? 

This could be quite useful for those of us in the AEC markets, even if the hypothetical infrared images or point clouds were not of the quality or resolution of those produced by a true thermographic imaging system. 

Anyone have thoughts? Is this possible now through a third party? Is this something that could be developed?





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  • The infrared element of the scanner doesn't capture any of the reflected spectrum, its a simple Time of Flight sensor, so all it does is measure distance by calculating the time the light takes to leave the camera and then be reflected back.

    You would need a different sensor to detect the heat which is something the Leica BLK is capable of, although i'm not sure if that has been implemented yet.

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