Can I see if a space is processing?


Still fairly new to Matterport.  I did a large, 240 scan, space yesterday.  On the iPad it's been stuck at 40% upload all night.  But it does say "uploaded" on the iPad.  So I thought I'd check my Matterport Cloud.  But I'm not seeing anything there.

Does it normally show that a space is processing?  If not, why not?  Seems pretty easy to implement.





  • Hi Robert - until the model finishes uploading to your account, it does not show in your account.  Once it's finished uploading then it will appear as 'processing'.  If your upload sticks at 40% (or any other %) then I suggest exiting out of Capture, turn off wifi, turn it back on and reload Capture.   You can tell if the files are uploading because the % will change.

    If it doesn't change, then contact Support.


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    Hi William, Thanks for the quick reply! Good to know that it will show a space processing. In this case, I'll assume there was some sort of interruption in the upload and re-upload now.


    Thanks again, Robert

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