Thumbnail : Getting access by an URL

Hi ,

I'm interested to make a link towards the Start location thumbnail through a Post or a table in my wordpress Website.

Is it possible ?

Integrating in a post only the Thumbnail by an URL . (without the Iframe of the 3DWorkspace) 

Thanks for your answers



  • Your question isn't very clear but if you are asking is it possible to create a link that takes you directly to a point or a series of points inside a model then the answer is yes.

    You can navigate to a spot in the model in showcase and then press the 'U' key. That creates a 'deep link' that appears in a window in the top right of the window. You can copy and paste that and use it as a link anywhere

    If you also take a snapshot at that point you can then use the image as a link for the URL you have just created elsewhere.

    Apologies if that wasn't the question you were asking :) 

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  • Thanks for your answer, this is not my real question even , if it's interesting as not known by me , about the U Key command to get an URL of a speciific point in a 3Dshowcase .

    The correct answer found by another manner is to select the Thumb URL in the Sharing links.




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