Disappointed with distortions around edges of furniture

Hi all  :-)

I'm noticing a large amount of distortion around items of furniture – please see the samples below which were taken from this tour:


I find this pretty unsatisfactory and was wondering if anything can be done about it?

Many thanks for your help,





  • In all three you're very close so there are the inevitable parallax issues in those situations and all are compounded by the glass elements bending the light and so distorting both the mesh and the imagery.

    They are, in my opinion pretty minor issues and to be honest the majority viewing those models would either not see them or be unconcerned.

    It is easy to become obsessed with perfection and as in all 360° tech its very difficult to achieve.

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  • Hi David,

    Many thanks for your feedback.

    'Obsessed with perfection' are my three middle names! How did you know?  ;-)

    As a photographer I suppose I am obsessed with the details, and when I used to produce 360° tours using manually-compiled tours using a camera on a panorama head, I got used to having no stitching errors at all. Of course with the Matterport and having 3 separate cameras I guess a certain amount of parallax issues should be expected – in return for having images that are much quicker to capture (with depth data at the same time too).

    You're right that most people probably won't notice these issues, or if they do they won't pay much attention to them ...

    David O.W.P. Hogg  ;-)

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  • Morning OWP ;) Yes I also I spent many hours cleaning stitch lines and other minute imperfections that no one else was ever likely to see and then saw massive and obvious errors in 360° panoramas posted on major company websites!

    It was then I realised my pursuit of perfection was not always shared by others but as with you and I'm sure many others they are a serious annoyance but without manual intervention they aren't fixable.

    At times I don't think some users who probably don't have 360 pano experience outside of this system (so obviously not meaning yourself) understand the process and as a result don't appreciate just how good the Matterport system is, especially when you consider the whole process is more or less completely automated and on the whole, in my estimation achieves somewhere in the region of a 95-100% success rate.

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