momement weird ??

Hi I visited a clients home and completed a total scan of their home with the exception of their son's bedroom. They decided that it was too messy and thought that it would be best to just close the door. When they received the links they then persuaded their son to clean his room. I went back to their property and re scanned the hallway leading up to the room and the room itself. The tour 3d tour back to me but now the movement between the hallway and bedroom is jagged. No real way to describe what is happening. Please look at the 3rd floor and navigate through the bedrooms and you will see what I mean



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  • The same thing happens on one of my scans, but it was because the door kept moving.  I was scanning a furnished rental that wanted to show the exterior patio area.  I left one door open to patio for exit from house to patio, but I didn't not have anything available to keep breeze from blowing the door back and forth.  Maybe the door or something moved between scans?


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