Matterport Branding on my client's spaces

Dear Matterport & Friends,

Good News, if matterport is not willing to let us use their software and cameras with out the matterport logo, worry no more, I am told two companies in Germany and one is China are producing VR cameras and software and you are allowed to put your own branding. They are also exchanging Matterport or any other camera for their own.I have not confirmed yet! but if this is true, I am glad we have an option. 



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  • As much as I would welcome the ability to not be forced to advertise for Matterport, the last time I checked out "equipment trades", it was illegal.  As such, I am suspect of the proposition.

    Matterport *hasn't* been asleep at the wheel and they seem to continually work to make their product more valuable, so forced branding won't be the only issue competition will have to deal with.

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