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Has anyone tried to view a VR tour on an Oculus Go yet? I really want to get one to show off my tours, but I don’t know if it needs a native app or if the VR link just works. No official word from Matterport that I can find. Can anyone verify if you can view VR showcases on the Go before I spend $300? 



  • The Oculus Go (mostly) works well... The colors are slightly muted compared to the S7, but performance is great. However, there are a few issues. 

    WebVR tours work fairly well. 

    Open the Oculus Web Browser, navigate to the Space and then launch WebVR. It works just like our Daydream app at that point. 

    It is not quite as polished as our VR apps, but it does fully support the hand controller which makes for a great experience. We are going to be updating the WebVR experience to include floor plan navigation, and to bring it closer in line to our VR apps. Still working on the ETA for that update. 

    Our GearVR app also works fairly well... 

    The difficulty is getting your own Spaces into the GearVR app. It does not work as it should... Something in the Oculus Browser is preventing it from deep linking correctly... 

    I have a few more experiments that I will be running to see if I can get it to work correctly and I am also reaching out to the Oculus Browser Team to discuss. I will update once I know more.

  • Also interested...look forward to your update! 

  • At least it’s possible! Thanks for the quick response. Keep us updated. 

  • Hi, I supone that this will be solved soon, so no problem on that. But, could we be able to download our own spaces for offline use like in the 3D Showcase? Thanks.

  • Picked up the Oculus Go today and have been playing around with Matterports. All in all, not bad using WebVR mode as mentioned above. A little bit blurry but definitely better than Google Cardboard (and more comfortable). Anxious to hear about others experiences and updates from the MP team. 

  • Any updates on how to view our own spaces with the Oculus Go?

  • I too would love to know if there are any updates on viewing own spaces with the Gear VR app in Oculus Go. 

  • I'm currently doing a weekend show using Oculus Go and pushing the whole "List Your Home in 3D" idea. For wifi I'm teathered through a portable hotspot or phone to Verizon 4G. Hopefully between the two I will have enough 4G for the weekend. Also, I am able to view our own listings by going to the browser function on the headsets and going to a page on our website where I have the Matterports listed. I click on the one I want, click on the google link in the bottom right corner, and then click the cardboard option. I agree a bit fuzzy... but overall a pretty good experience. Seems that Matterport staff should have been able to let us know how to link to our own videos when asked as they have several sets of Oculus Go in their office. And, by the way, the 32gb version is out now and cost about $200. And, in case you are wondering, 3G service with Verizon is pretty laggy. You really need to upgrade to 4G if you are planning on using their hotspot.

  • Oculus Go being delivered on Thursday, open house on Saturday.  I want to loan/view my spaces, please help direct me to the best way to do this


  • Also looking forward to be able to download/view our own Tours within "Gear VR" App ... would be great for presentations ...

    Any News on that as almost half a year passed ... ?


    thx, bye from Austria

    Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

  • I would also love an update as well. I got an Oculus Go today and can't get my tour to open. I saw here that I should be able to open my space in a browser, but that does not seem to be the case.

    I type my link into the Oculus Go browser and it tells me I need an internet connection (which I have) and a VR compatible browser (which it is).

    Any help? I am trying to access the WebVR correctly?

  • Hi everyone:

    @Travis G, @Tyson, @RealtyMedia.mx, @Brad Miller, @Boris Maganic, @Bill Phillips, @Andreas schnederle-Wagner, @Jonathan Haines

    If you send me an email to felipezaratemontero@gmail.com I can help you to visualize your own spaces in Oculus Go and also see all the points enabled in the VR path, not only the ones that are by default!

    I hope I can help!

    Bye from Costa Rica,


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