360 views with tags

Can anyone explain how in 360 views you can put a marker like in this 3D model.

Link to 3D model




  • Yes I would like to know how this was done as well. Very nice technique.

  • Me Too, I would like to know!

  • Me Three.

  • Me four

  • Looking at it more closely I have a theory that the photographer scanned the outside area and also took a 360 in the same location. Within the workshop they hid the scans to the outside area but because there was already data outside they were able to place a mattertag seemingly outside the dollhouse. Would any of you agree?


    It would be nice to have the ability to place a mattertag outside without having to scan outside, if my theory is true.


    What I don't understand is how they got the circular images within the mattertags.

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