[Newsletter] Product Updates, True3D™ Dollhouse Contest, and more! - April 25, 2018

Showcase 3.0 - We need your feedback!

We are glad to announce the start of new beta phase of Showcase 3.0. Showcase 3.0 offers you a smoother navigation experience, more customization options, and predictable camera panning logic for Guided Tours. On Guided Tours, each highlight will pan in the direction of the next highlight. Previously, the direction it panned was not clear until you actually made and explored the Guided Tour. This is a small change, but it will make your Guided Tours feel more natural and comfortable, and save your time during Tour creation. Please note that your existing Guided Tours may pan to a different direction on some scan points in new version of Showcase, but with our extended Space Settings and Account Settings you can keep them on current version.

Showcase 3.0 also includes an 'opt-in' mechanism that allows you to:

  • Choose to use the new version on selected Spaces with individual Space Settings
  • Choose to move all of your Spaces OR only the newly created Spaces to the new version by selecting an option in Space Settings on Account level

Note: You still can switch your spaces back to version 2.0 with 'one-button click' in Space Settings on your Account if you are not satisfied with the new version by some reasons

Our goal is to make transition to the new version smooth and seamless. We have been actively listening to your feedback during phase 1 of our beta that began this January and have taken steps to eliminate issues you may have encountered.


[REMINDER] Rename Photos with One Click!

In a recent customer survey, one of your top requests was to have a simpler way to rename your Snapshots in Matterport Cloud. Good news! All you have to do is click on the name of your Snapshot and type in your preferred label.

[UPDATE] New and Improved Teaser Videos

Matterport teaser videos and GIFs are automatically generated for each one of your Matterport 3D walkthroughs, giving you engaging assets to leverage in email and on social media. Thanks to your feedback, we improved our vision pipeline -- showing off the best areas in your Spaces. Check out any new teaser videos processed after April 15th to see the difference. Post your favorites to MOUG!





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