How much per scan

New in the matterport family...... trying to figure out a price structure in south Florida.... have been reading a couple of post and it ranges from 15. Cents to 8.cents per sq feet .... don't want to underpriced the market. Please help me get my price in the right path.... and if anyone has a package deal with 360 views and pictures ..... thank you and it's pleasure being part of matterport community.



  • I offer a set price for all real estate tours, so square footage isn’t a factor for most of my pricing. In Canada agents can’t market based on square footage, and most don’t know it. I have a “small/medium/large” price point of $199/$249/$299. My time and hard costs are covered with a modest profit of about 30%. 

    For larger tours I price it at 10 cents per sq.ft. This includes the snapshot photos and highlight reel with 6 or 12 months of hosting, depending on the customer. 

    Hope that helps! I’m by no means a master of business. 

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  • I am also located in South Florida.

    The AMA (American Marketing Association) says " The single largest statement you make about your good or service is the price. Want to be perceived as low quality? Then price it cheaply. Want to be perceived as a premium brand? The price it on the high side."

    What I do see so far is a race to the bottom in terms of telemarketing, and pricing very cheaply. It may well be certain markets have more competition than others but if we do the right job representing the product then we should not be competing against he same static real estate images and poorly done video walk throughs.

    I can assure you that telemarketing and offshore call centers are not effective from my time doing managment consulting with Fortune 50 companies. 

    I am sure other will disagree with this viewpoint.

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