Mattertag Post icon options

A few clients have asked for icons for their mattertag posts in the showcase. The discs with ability to change colour are ok but given how familiar everyone is with icons, hinting at what content lies within each post is both smart and enhances user experience.

For example, a glass or knife & fork represent drinks or food info in a bar, a phone or envelope represents a contact form, different icons for different bedrooms, a $ icon for pricing info, a play symbol for a video, etc etc. 





  • Certainly makes sense to me. 

  • Yes, please!

  • Yes. Yes. Yes. Love the examples you put on MOUG.

  • Also yes, but please with an icon-set that can be customized and extended. Ideally per space.

  • Gets my vote, too


  • Definitely yes! One more vote from me...

  • yes, waiting.

  • YES YES YES - this has been a pet peeve - just seeing a colored dot is good but it makes way to much sense to have a graphical representation of what behind the tag and these examples you posted on our FB group are excellent - Matterprot PLEASE consider adding this type of function


  • An easy way could be also using "Font Awesome"-Id´s and a Hex-Color-Code: 
    Maybe even stacked to be able to combine icons?

    Here are all the current icons integrated:

  • Yes me too


  • It's a great idea. I like it and my clients will like it also if Matterport will do it. 

  • great idea very usefull




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