Updating/Removing a GSV Publication

Good morning.

We uploaded a tour of our office to Google Street View successfully. However, I now have a couple of questions.

1) We recently added to our space with a few more scans, can we update the GSV or do we need to delete entirely and reissue?

2) Should we ever wish to remove a space from GSV, as in the example above, or if a client no longer wishes their space to appear, how do we go about that?



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  • Hello Gareth, 

    Yes, you can edit your GSV tours published by Matterport without having to delete and republish.  After a Space has been published, if you return to the Google Street View (beta) tab, there will now be an "edit" icon that looks like a small pencil.  Using this you can make changes and re-publish the Space. 

    Likewise, right next to the edit icon, there is a small trash can shaped delete icon that can be used to remove a Space from Google Street View. You can find more information in our the GSV section of our Help Center: https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/sections/115001931927-Matterport-for-Google-Street-View


    Keith S. 

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