GSV pano resolution and overall quality.

Hello, is it possible to import 360 panos with higher resolution than it is now? I have checked  a few published places, as for me, resolution is too low. I'm Google trusted photographer, and I sed to work for Google SV special collect project. If we have 134 mp raw info, can we get at leas 20mp fo SV pano? 4K, and high compression looks poor nowdays.



  • Hello Segery, 

    Scan positions that are published via the Matterport Google Street View publishing tools are exported at their highest supported resolution. (8k for Pro1 and double that for Pro2). 360 Views, (Also sometimes called "outdoor scans" or "unaligned panos" are not yet supported by our GSV tools. 

    We are working to support these in the future. Once they are supported, you will be able to publish them to GSV at the same higher resolution as the other scans. 

    I hope this information helps. 


    Keith S. 

  • @MatterportVR : please don´t forget the option to also be able to download the high resolution panoramas. A lot customers already requested this as especially Facebook360 will support higher resolutions in the future.

    Besides: is there any hope, that an interactive tour can be viewed directly within facebook in the future when shared?

  • Is it possible to save more details in downloadable panoramas? 4K 360 snapshot looks quite meshy, its only 500kb.

  • Hello Marcus, 

    Very long story short, yes we are looking at allowing downloading of 360 Snapshot images at different resolutions, but there is no timeline for if or when we may support this. 

    Beyond that, I wanted to take a moment to pull back the curtain a bit and provide a bit of insight as to why things currently work the way they do. 

    Starting off, our current 360 Snapshot export tools were designed primarily to allow users to export 360 Snapshots to social media platforms such as Facebook. They were never really designed for exporting to Google Street View or some of the other really cool things we have seen our users do with them. That is probably an oversight on our part, but since we built the tools with a specific purpose, they were optimized for that purpose and some of the design decision that went into them makes it a bit more difficult than it would seem to update. 

    360 Snapshots are generated inside of Workshop itself. Another way to put this is that it is the users computer that is doing most of the work. This limits the resolution significantly. Going from 4k to 8k require more than 4x the memory and processing power. This seeming small jump in resolution already starts to greatly limit what computer can generate 360 Snapshots. In order to support even larger sizes we will need to completely change how 360 Snapshots are generated, and this will require a fair amount of time and planning. (Not to mention a new version of Workshop itself.)

    With regard to Google Street View, 360 Snapshots were never intended to be used inside of GSV. And soon you won’t need to. While we don’t have an exact data yet, I can promise that you will be able to publish 360 Views to Google Street View long before our GSV tools leave beta. This is something we are actively working on. 360 View support is a key requirement for our Matterport GSV tools. 

    I hope this information helps. 


    Keith S.

  • Thank you.

  • Finally I have tried GSV tool, it looks much better than 360 snapshots. 33mp is pretty good, I only wish A little lower compression :)

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