preserve/transfer Workshop edits between model versions during building lifecycle

After initial Matterport model construction in Capture and Workshop, buildings such as schools and offices  undergo many changes: redecorating, adding rooms, etc.

using Capture we can easily support these changes as we can clone the model, add/delete scans and re-upload. 

However, Matterport Cloud and Workshop currently does not support this at all. Even after the smallest of changes, we have an entirely new model, and every single Workshop edit will have to be redone: room labels, mattertags, scan visibility, while the vast majority of these edits will be completely unchanged compared to the previous model.

Example: last monday I did a School, 270 scan positions, 10-15 classrooms etc. I already know that 2-3 classrooms will be refurbished before summer, and the Matterport Model of the school will have to be able to reflect those changes. Currently, this means that every single label, mattertag etc will have to be re-applied, causing quite expensive post-production of even the smallest model change.

it will therefore be a great benefit to the entire Matterport Ecosystem to be able to preserve or transfer Workshop edits between subsequent model versions of the same building.



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  • Agreed... I’m done with 3D model and just waiting for a nicer day outside to do the 360 pictures. Wish I could be working on tags and labels while I wait.

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