Hotspots not working correctly in Street View

When the Street View of a scan was made public, I received the following link in an email with the subject '"Coiffeursalon Ruth & Fusspflege Herzog" has been uploaded to Google Street View'.  When I use the link, the hotspots aren't working correctly.  Clicking a hotspot that is clearly inside the building, takes me outside.  Clicking in front of the door takes me into the building. The exact same hotspots in the 3D showcase are working correctly.



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  • Accurate placing and orientation of the Matterport model is essential to ensure spots are where they should be.
    The actual processing of the images are performed by the Google software and out of control of Matterport.

    Also remember this is still a Beta test and glitches are still likely.

    It might be worth taking this attempt down down and re loading the space.

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