Matterport Pro 2 repairs

I have a new Pro 2 and am concerned on how long repairs can take.  I've heard 4-6 weeks in some instances.  If thats true, I see that being a major problem.  If, like me, you can't yet afford a back up camera, that kind of delay would definitely cost us clients.

My suggestion would be Matterport to set up a Quick Repair Program.  When your camera breaks down you could notify Matterport and they would overnight a back up camera for you to use while yours is in for repair.  You would take it out of the shipping box and put yours in and ship it back to Matterport.  Once repaired the would ship it back and when you receive it use the same box to ship their loner camera back to them.  That way you only down 1 day customers lost and more $$$ in everyones pockets.

I would be willing to pay a reasonable yearly fee for this service.



  • Great suggestion Ross.

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  • would be nice if Matterport would look at any of the ideas their MSPs suggest and at least reply.   I'm not holding my breath.

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  • Hello Ross,

    Good news! This is more or less how our current repair process works.

    If your camera experiences trouble that requires repair, we ship you out a replacement and then you ship your damaged camera back to us. Usually we do two day shipping. When we ship out the camera depends on how many cameras we have available to send out but we do try and get out a camera as soon as possible (we want to get you scanning ASAP).

    Sorry we didn't see this suggestion sooner.

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