PRO2 LITE 3D CAMERA vs Service Partners?

PRO2 LITE 3D CAMERA has been released: it’s IDENTICAL to PRO 2 3D, but cheaper.

Don’t you think it is a bad move for those who are trying to establish themselves as Service Partner? 

The more this technology is accessible, the more potential clients will be autonomous and will prefer to buy the machine and use it on their own instead of paying for a third party service.



  • Yes, it seems to me that Matterport is undermining their MSPs with this move.  Especially when you find out that they are using the homes we scan to contact our customers and try to sell them a Pro 2 lite by showing them how mush thy can save by buying their own camera.  Very un-ethical.

    I can't believe I'm the only commenting on this.  It is heavily discussed on the WGAN forum.

    Many MSPs are waiting for Matterport to explain why they feel this is OK.

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    Being in Direct Competition . . . . .

    Who is your customer, Matterport? You Say you want to equip "service providers" and help them start a business that provides visual marketing tools to Realtors, but then you Directly market your product to the very same Realtors that we are trying to develop business relations with, as Our clients.

    I had a recent talk with Trevor Glassman from Matterport, where I raised this issue, and his response was basically something like "you don't need Every Realtor in an area in order to have a thriving business". I get that, and I know this is a free and competitive open marketplace, but I still find it intolerable that the very company that wants me to represent them as a service provider, actively and shamelessly markets to the very people I would hope to have as clients. And they've now even dropped their price by $1,500!

    Trevor, how long until the clients that I've worked so hard to get finally buy directly from you, thereby cutting me out? Where's the future in that? It's great for Matterport, but not for your service providers. Does that matter to you?

    Who, still reading this, would want to buy, let's say, a restaurant franchise, where the company you pay your franchise fees to opens more of their restaurants in your same city? Not to other franchisees, but company-owned restaurants that are now in Direct Competition for the same customers?


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  • Hey Richard,

    This forum is a waste of time.  I've never gotten response from anyone at Matterport.  Go to the WGAN forum...that one has more influence on them than this one by far.

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