Link builder for URL parameters

 Is there any GUI link builder option for us?  Every time I want to send a link somewhere I have to go through and add the individual link parameters somewhere and hope that my assistant and other agents add it to the end of the link so that the virtual tour starts and help screen shows up, etc...  Is there any way that we can have checkboxes or a menu that will automatically add it to the link that shows up for us and collaborators so that it's consistent and they don't have to think about understanding URL parameters?



  • This definitely would be a great idea. I have thought about this before. Would not take a lot of effort.

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  • Hi Rob 

    I created an excel sheet that you populate with the the space code and can then select the parameters you want. Google Drive

    Hope that helps.

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  • Still would be a great function and simple one to add to the url share part in our cloud? Should be a simple fix and a great idea. You get my vote.

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