Google Street View and Number of scans

The question I have is about the number of scans uploaded into GSV and can these be “deleted” after the upload  on an individual basis.
A location has 100 scans , so 100 pictures are uploaded. Do we need to keep all 100 photos uploaded and still have the process work or is it an all or nothing approach. We are capable of deleting photos after and wondered if this will screw up the walking experience or just jump to next closet scan.
Bottom line for a real estate company they would want this but not to have so many photos uploaded.


  • Hi Les,

    It is all or nothing, however, there may be a workaround.  The issue is with the connections drawn between the scan positions.  Once everything is uploaded, Google takes time to create that path of connections so it can display the chevron/arrow pointing in the right direction.  They're able to make those connections based on the data from your Matterport Space.

    That said, once you have the complete model data scanned and uploaded, you can create a duplicate model in Capture and delete the scan positions you don't want.  This is usually not recommended since if you delete too much it could cause problems as the data is processing.  However, if all turns out ok and you have a processed Space with only the scans you want to upload to GSV, you can then process the upload to GSV and it should work out just fine. 

    I hope that helps. 


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  • Amir, RESPECT for the rapid response.

    Your wonderful support team (Dee) gave me a perfect answer and a good workaround. I have also submitted a feedback response to the GSV beat feedback thread.

    SO what works best is this.  Here is my recipe:

    1.  Hide all the scans in the space ( tedious but effective)
    2. Using Floor Plan (by floor) view I select the 10 best strategic straight line vantage points (reduce 100 scans down to 10)and Publish
    3. I upload to GSV ( let it bake and it works great with chevron control and all with the reduced scan count.
    4. (NICE WORK BTW building this API)  Here is link to sample locations using this process 

    Here is Showcase link to same spaces

    After I publish to GSV I go back in and "Show" all my scans again, Publish again in Workshop and close the project. Also I have been able to Publish multiple Matterport locations to one Google address which is a nice benefit.

    PS: I am a trained Cartographer (30 years plus experience) just wanted to say nice job overall on the API integration and the process. Works well - even for those who might be spatially challenged.


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  • Yes, that is much better.  I actually completely forgot about hidden scans not being uploaded.  oversight on my part - my apologies :)

    Have a great day.


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