Data management / Facility Management

We see lots of opportunities in using Matterport Camera and the platform for Data Management and Facility Management. One of the missing features now is updating  of an existing model. Currently this will result in a totally new model. Two main issues

Issue 1:

All the entries and links in the "Matterport Tags" become useless. Hours of work can be done again.


Issue 2:

All the deep links become useless. This means connecting external data base management systems to matterport deep links need to be done again.


Is something going to be develop some? For Issue 2 an easy fixed seems the possibility to change the URL of the new model into the Old model. So deep links remain working.




  • Look forward to seeing an answer to this question, just starting out.

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  • At least an export & import of the additional data should be made easily possible with the SDK to transfer data between spaces if the URL changes.

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  • @Stef 
    Have you tried creating models in any BIM software? Let's say Revit, Bentley or Archicad? You can make a scan with Matterport or Leica and then convert it into a pointcloud...

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  • Just to clarify how the SDK can and can't help (yet) with these shortcomings:

    1) The SDK should be able to translate between model coordinate system and other coordinate systems (including other models). That means the coordinates of the mattertags can be extracted, and you can know where they should be in the new model. The PROBLEM is that SDK does not YET allow you to create Mattertags from external applications. That means that even if you have the mattertag location and details, you cannot yet import it into the new model and that is still manual. 

    2) Deeplinks do not have coordinates (as far as I know), so no way to translate them to the new model, but I will check on that. With SDK there is an alternative way to link to locations in models (other than clicking "U" at different locations). An entire drawing can be linked to the model, and you can surface scan locations on that drawing (see Multivista's use of the SDK- 

    3) The SDK enables you to export all Mattertag details so you can take that into a CSV. Once you have a new model, the details of the Mattertag (with links to CAFM data, shop drawings, P&ID, etc) can be copied to the new Mattertags you create.


    We are putting lots of effort on improving SDK functionality and all these things be made available and be smoother, but its a start!




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  • Does this one have any updates? Really interesting in Matterport for FM Use.

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